Fast charger is a professional app that boosts phone battery charging speed fast and quickly in real time. Real time fast charging app that sets a limitation on phone setting when charger plug in by adjust phone setting to a optimal level and kill background running process to make charging process fast and quick. Reduce charging time, save time and power energy by this fast charging app. Fast Battery charging basically controls the heavy resources consuming app, kill that apps and give a fast boost to the mobile in charging process.

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When you connect your charger to the mobile fast charging app reduce the load from mobile CPU and kill all apps running in the background and consumes battery services such as WiFi, 3G, mobile internet, blue tooth so will cause faster charging. This amazing app has a great & easy to Use User Interface and brilliant functions that can boost charging speed and increase the battery charging speed by giving 50% more battery life. This quick charger app will show the battery level as well as some battery information Fast Battery charger will detect heavy resources consuming apps and set limit the power consumption of your phone then your battery doesn’t withdraw much power during the charging time and therefore it can charge very quickly.
You don’t need to worry in more battery draining and usage while play games, movies songs etc. charge mobile quickly with the best fast charging app. One tap to charge mobile fast. Its fast charging algorithm is very effective to charge mobile fast and quickly. Increase charging speed fast and quickly and give a fast boost to the mobile.

You can enable auto connect setting to auto open the app to charge quickly. Customize application launch mode in setting and this will help to charge the battery faster than normal Clean RAM and cache Kill background battery draining applications and services Automatic Automatically reduce screen brightness to lowest Optimize overall performance of phone
Plug in charger to the phone Press START button to start fast charging Charge your mobile fast and quick Makes charging process fast and boost charging Detect and kill heavy resources consuming apps Optimize with 1 click to charge fast Auto Kill apps when screen is off Full Battery Reminder Shows the battery info such as Battery temperature, Battery voltage, Battery Capacity Automatically activates fast charging mode Smart Charging mode Beautiful design, easy to use Support over 20 language


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