Zangi Private Messenger is a serverless messaging app to make uninterrupted voice and video calls, fast and private messaging, file sharing, which works from anywhere, anytime, and most importantly, it is absolutely free to download and use.

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Keep your communication safe and away from any servers Make high-quality voice and video calls even with 2G internet Spend up to 6x less mobile data than other messaging apps Mastery Approach to Security Zangi implements the latest and greatest security technologies to protect you from privacy risks.
No Third Party Access All communication is secured with end-to-end encryption eliminating “middleman” listening No Servers. No Clouds. No Big Data We have refused to collect big data and we don’t keep any user data on any servers No Personal Info Leaks Your private communication, personal info, and history is encrypted locally and stored only on your device No Fear Your data and conversations only belong to you and are seen by you and your intended recipient.
Zangi-Built New-Age Technologies Zangi’s in-house developed technologies provide revolutionary results in real-time communication Uninterrupted Calls HD Quality Always stay connected. Have clean, HD quality audio and video calls.

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Internet Speed Doesn’t Matter Never worry about crowded Wifi or slow internet. Zangi adapts to your internet. Connect anywhere, even with 2G/ EDGE, noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks Low Data Usage Save money. Consume 6X less data than you would with other messengers.
Fastest Messaging Send instant messages, photos, videos, and any files Zangi is FREE and always will be Zangi to Zangi communication is always FREE. Zangi does not sell ads and will never introduce supplementary fees at any point Original Stickers and Funny GIFs
It’s refreshing to download a messenger that offers a whole new collection of originally designed stickers. Express yourself with Zangi’s colorful, themed stickers. Bring your text to life and give the best reactions with GIFs.
Private Group Chats With an encrypted messenger, enjoy private group chats with your team members, family or friends, and never worry that your communication can be leaked or hacked. Reply or forward specific messages in the group chat. Personalize the group with a group image, name, background and more Download Zangi Messenger for Free today, for a messenger experience that provides total privacy and quality communication Zangi Private Messenger Download Now Connect and Chat.


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