categories of knowledge including, history, sports, geography, technology and many more
lives World leaderboard Achievements Offline playable Frequent updates with new questions and categories.

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Knowledge is power. Test your General Knowledge! Quiz of Knowledge is a multiple choice social quiz. You can compare your knowledge with the rest of the world From the creators of your favorite games Get Rich Eureka and  Educational Hangman see Quiz of Knowledge!
Banzoo Quiz is the ultimate trivia quiz because it contains more than 4.000 questions that are developed by our team of educators. There are questions about Geography, Sports, mythology, celebrities and so on. There are questions for everyone!
If you like quiz games, you will love Banzoo Quiz The rules are simple Answer the questions as fast as you can You have 20 seconds to answer each question You have 3 lives For 5 correct answers in a row, you gain one life The faster you answer, the more points you earn

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The Banzoo Quiz game offers Over 2000 multiple choice questions in English High scores Online Score Beautiful graphics Very small size, just 4Mb Supports all mobile and tablet PCs with Android operating system It is absolutely free!
The questions belong to 16 categories and are updated on a weekly basis. The categories are as History Geography Theater Music Science Religion Arts Space Sports World Mythology Science Arts Technology Animals Politics Language
Unlike many other trivia games Banzoo Quiz is playable offline anytime. Take it with you in the car, on the metro or play a quick game while you are waiting for the bus If you want to compare your knowledge to that of other players, submit your high score to our online list. Improve your knowledge and track your progress by unlocking the in-game achievements It is absolutely free and it will always be free.
Every player can add questions by simply submitting them via an in-game submitter. After being reviewed they are going to be added to the database Please send us any comments you have. Please help us make Quiz of Knowledge, the best free (forever) Banzoo quiz in the world Thank you Have fun and improve your knowledge!



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