You want the shooting of funny clips, funny clips with friends and family that you do not want them to see you’re filming them. Or you want to know that who is using your phone when you are out somewhere?


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Background Video Recorder or Private Video Recorder is a camera app that makes you able to record video on a single click. Even, if you are making a call, watching some video or using your phone. You can also turn your screen off and continue recording. App also has shortcuts to start instant recordings. App has no camera shutter sound and no preview.
You can use this app as Anti-Corruption app. If there is corruption going on in any private or government department then you can record it without opening camera and report(send) this recording to respective department as complaint.
Terms and Condition Its your responsibility to use this app Without invading on people’s privacy In compliance with local and federal laws We take your privacy very seriously. Recorded videos are your property and remain solely in your possession. We hold no liability if you choose to use this app illegally. If you disagree, you must not install it.

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On Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above please select “allow all permissions” to use app Start or stop recording on one touch Continue recording even Turn off the screen. Shut down the application but recording will be running in background. Set timer to record video on specific time and date.
Set video orientation Record video from both front and back cam Enable vibration and sound at the start and end of recording Enable recording for High and Low quality video. Crop/Trim the videos Disable notification icon so that there is no screen indication on screen while recording Set the Recording time limit Set the Recording video size limit. While recording Zoom in option available.
While recording Enable flashlight Setup a PIN Code to open the app, to make your app secure To start recording quickly without opening the app, its has quick icons Video Recorder is a free app. Just install and enjoy If you like the app please rate it 5 stars and give us amazing review. It would be highly appreciated.
Permissions Reason Camera To record the video Microphone To record the audio Storage Store recordings in internal storage Vibration Enable or Disable vibration at start/stop of recording.

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