The best solution to monitor the usage and the online status of your children Live notifications to be always alerted when somebody is online Dynamic charts and infographics for a simpler and more complete user study Combine two numbers to calculate the probability of contact.

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Want to know how much are online on What|App You can see when on What|App and control usage Real-time notifications and statistics for every day with track record usage and get notification for each online activity Works for features WhatsDog and you can see last seen and good monitor tracker live status Tell your girlfriend and boyfriend!
Notify Online Last Seen Log notifies you the statics of your online time spent. Notify Online Last Seen Log show clear intervals between your online and offline status. You can easily check how much time you are spending on online activities.
With simple and user friendly interface you can easily get all the details about your online activities. You can easily track all your last seen logs. You can see intervals between your online and offline activities. With the help of this app you can calculate your total amount of time spent on social media app.


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Notify Online Last Seen Log gives you instant notification whenever you get online or offline. You can overcome digital addiction with this app, as you can track how much precious time you are spending online. Notify Online Last Seen Log is your best assistant to get notification about your online app usage.
Your best assistant in online time tracking last seen. We will show you the WhatsApp online for the last time, show all the WhatsApp statistics online for you! Wasap Tracker, use of WhatsApp tracker application online – what you need! With your permission, we will inform you about the pros and cons of the profile. In our WhatsApp tracker, you can change the notification sounds to the ones you want for each profile. At any time you can withdraw the application agreement and not use our application, the data is stored on a secure protocol, everything is safe try online app usage tracker now!

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